Clear Bronzing Mist 200 ml

Clear Bronzing Mist.jpeg
Clear Bronzing Mist.jpeg

Clear Bronzing Mist 200 ml


An ultra-light, fast-acting mist with a technically advanced 360 degree nozzle that effortlessly bronzes the skin from tip to toe.


  • 360 degree nozzle for constant, even delivery
  • Clear, mess-free formula
  • Super-fast drying so you can redress immediately 
  • Fragrance free 
  • Suits all skin tones 

Infused with Aloe Vera, Vitamin E and Co Enzyme Q10 to leave skin hydrated and moisturised, as well as ensuring your tan lasts longer and fades away evenly.


HOW TO USE Exfoliate and moisturise thoroughly prior to application. Hold nozzle 20cm from the body and 15cm from the face, then spray evenly in a fast-spritzing motion. Allow a few minutes between applications for skin to dry, then repeat as desired to build up colour. Suitable for face and body. Avoid contact with water for 8 hours

MIX AND MATCH Top up your colour with Day Tan Body every few days, or if you're looking for an immediate colour boost try Wash Off Tan

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